Necessaire TASCHETTA

CHF 360.00

A necessaire, a cult bag and a tool holder or a clutch for the evening event? Multifunctional, practical and unique, yet elegant.

Our TASCHETTA* necessaire is a sophisticated eye-catcher. The guest designer Andy has left nothing to chance: With the small leather strap, the bag can be boldly wrapped or hung up as a toilet bag in the hotel or on the tree. While unfolded, the inside of the bag beholds leather-loops for inserting toothbrush, screwdriver or mascara as well as two compartments with space for the essentials when camping or when going out to dine and party.

24 cm wide, 13 cm high

Cognac (tanned with MIMOSA/QUEBRACHO)
Olive brown (tanned with VALONEA oak)
Black (tanned with VALONEA oak and dyed black with charcoal)

The Necessaire TASCHETTA is made of 100% Swiss deerskin, from animals that have lived in the wild and been hunted in the wilderness. The unevenness and scratches on the leather are traces of this wild life and a sign of authenticity and uniqueness. All leather is tanned in the canton of Berne 100% vegetable, without chrome and without synthetic tanning agents.

There is no metal at all and no lining – just pure wild leather.

The Necessaire is handcrafted in the mountain village of Törbel in Valais in Switzerland.

* Taschetta (pronounced Tasch-tschetta) is a small bag or necessaire in romanic language, and the name for the plant pennycress.

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100% vegetable tanned VoVo leather
from wild red deer
hunted sustainably in Switzerland
handmade in Italy by Silvano Sassetti
delivered in an environment-friendly shoebox from MODEL
For a future beyond 2050

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