Woolen gloves KÄPIK

Warm, two-layer mittens made from fine Baltic sheep’s wool. Hand-knitted in an Estonian family manufactory.

CHF 45.00 inkl. MwSt

grau Frauengrau Frauengrau Männergrau Männergrau/schwarz Männergrau/schwarz Männer
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Warm hands at last! The double-layer knitted gloves made of fine Baltic virgin sheep’s wool immediately provide cosy warmth and do not scratch the skin.

Grey-dark grey striped (size L)
Grey (size M, L)

100% Baltic sheep’s wool.

Made in the family manufactory Lõuna-Eesti Kristalli in Estonia.

*Käpik is the Estonian name for the mitten. Pronounced correctly in Swiss Germand it gives the word, “gäbig” – useful in translation.


grau Frauen, grau Männer, grau/schwarz Männer