Mousepad MÜRINA

Raw, wild, pure nature. Practical for every workplace.

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Puristic, practical and beautifully wild: a mouse pad for your workplace made of 100% chrome-free vegetable tanned Swiss deer leather.

Cognac (tanned with mimosa and quebracho)
Dark brown (tanned with oak, dyed with iron oxide)
Black (tanned with oak, dyed with charcoal)

100% Swiss deer leather from animals that lived in the wild and were hunted there. Scars and scratches on the leather are traces of this wild life and a sign of authenticity and uniqueness. All leathers are tanned in the canton of Bern 100% vegetable, without chrome and without any synthetic pre-tanning agents.

The mouse mat is cut by hand in Zurich and engraved with a laser.

*MÜRINA, in the romanic of lower Engadin it means “the little mouse”. The mousemat is not made of mouse leather but of deerskin. The name is a tribute to all mice. Not the computer mice but the real little mice. In Switzerland there are 10 species of shrews, 4 species of dormice (sleepers), 8 species of voles and 7 species of long-tailed mice. We are especially fond of the pretty snow mouse…

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100% vegetable tanned leather
from wild red deer
hunted sustainably in Switzerland
handmade in Zürich
For a future beyond 2050
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Black, Cognac, Dark brown, Olive brown, Sand