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A pair of men’s derby shoes VAL VERDA is a classy choice. Made of excellent wild red deer leather, the shoes represent minimalistic classic style, which means they will go along with any changes you make in your style in the future. Already found your style? Even better! Sleek and timeless, these purely plant-tanned leather derby shoes have neat waxed laces, modest reverse seams and an almond toe. Designed on a patented Goodyear flex insole, a flexible, supportive fit is ensured for everyday use.

* VAL VERDA stands for “green valley” in rhaeto-romanic. Of course there are many green valleys in Switzerland, but we have a special one in the Engadin mountains in mind. Red deer leaving the Swiss National Park during autumn cross this steep and rocky valley, covered with green pine trees. Take a break when rushing through the city in your VAL VERDA shoes and think about the wilderness that was the inspiration of the name…

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Unlike the illustration here, VAL VERDA comes with a pure, classy leather sole in Italian style (as in CURAGLIA). Don’t forget to take good and regular care of your shoes. For the sake of longevity you should also pay attention to your leather soles.

The shoe colours depend on vegetable agents used for tanning the leather. For this model the following colours can be chosen (if available):


Brown (tanned with VALONEA OAK)

100% vegetable tanned VoVo leather
from wild red deer
hunted sustainably in Switzerland
handmade in Italy by Silvano Sassetti
delivered in an environmental-friendly shoebox from MODEL

For a future beyond 2050

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