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Cervo Volante´s riding boots PARDIEL, hand-made in Italy of wild deer leather, are a must in your wardrobe. Skins of dears, hunted in the Swiss Alps according to all the rules of sustainable hunting, have been processed without chemicals, reviving old knowhow which was about to disappear. We use only plants, even in the pre-tanning process, which guarantees that our leather is as ecological as can be. It is tanned in one of the last traditional Swiss tanneries in the Canton of Bern. Technically complicated laced upper parts of the boots, which highlight the exquisite craftsmanship of the producer – a family-run shoe studio – are there not just for beauty, but give the boots a firmer fit if you wish. The laced upper part also emphasizes the resemblance to our signature – the hiker boot. We have deliberately avoided zippers and made pull on boots in an attempt to have as little easily breakable details as possible. The boot has 30 mm heel that provides just the right amount of lift without compromising comfort. The cushioned insole guarantees comfort for the the whole day.

We are blowing our own trumpet here, but this silhouette has survived changing times and fashions. Today you do not need to mount a horse to wear a pair of riding boots. We are working on new natural colours. If you can wait long enough you’ll have the choice. While choosing your pair of PARDIEL, just think where and how will you be wearing them for the next 15 years!

* PARDIEL is an alpine area in the Sarganserland, Canton of St. Gall between Bad Ragaz and the peak of Pizol. The local hunting association has the same name and is famous for fostering local biodiversity. Some of our red deer hides come from Pardiel.

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Leather sole with almost invisible anti-slip crepe-sole of natural caoutchouc (as in VAL VERDA). Don’t forget to take good and regular care of your shoes and let them dry after a walk in the forest.

You can choose between brown and black boots. Brown comes from natural valonea oak used for leather tanning, but black is applied manually by the shoemaker.

Together with Silvano Sassetti we search for a way to colour PARDIEL with exclusively vegetable dyes. Please send us an email if you want to stay updated about our development:

Brown (tanned with VALONEA OAK)

BLACK (tanned with MIMOSA/QUEBRACHO, hand-coloured by SASSETTI)

100% vegetable tanned VoVo leather
from wild red deer
hunted sustainably in Switzerland
handmade in Italy by Silvano Sassetti
delivered in an environment-friendly shoebox from MODEL

For a future beyond 2050

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