The most eco-friendly leather sneaker with a new design and finally also in cognac. Light as a feather and down-to-earth for sporty quiet-footers and style-conscious purists.


More about the red deer’s reconquest of Switzerland

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LIELI* – classic, simple, perfectly shaped, light and comfortable. A statement for maximum sustainability in the world of shoes – with its decisive step ahead through choice of materials and manufacturing. A counter-design to fast fashion and mainstream.

The name “sneaker” (to sneak) originally referred to the silent tread of the rubber sole compared to the loud tread of shoes with leather soles. The emergence of the sporty sneaker in the 1920s marked the beginning of a shoe and fashion revolution. Symbolically, the Cervo Volante sneaker also stands for a revolution that is being started quietly: A change towards conscious and respectful handling of raw materials, materials and people – also in the world of footwear. Step by step.


Lightly padded for more comfort
Removable, breathable footbed made of 100% natural materials
Finely roughened leather insert on the inner heel for more support
Playful fringe detail at the heel is reminiscent of the Native American moccasin, one of the most comfortable types of footwear ever, worn when stalking game. If you don’t like it, you can simply remove it.
Fine stag beetle embossing on the tongue

By means of Strobel construction, the textile insole is joined to the upper part of the shoe by a seam. The rubber sole is sewn on. The result is an unusually light, flexible and comfortable shoe.

Made in a small Italian shoe manufactory in Tuscany.

The pure vegetable-tanned upper leather comes from wild Swiss red deer, as in all Cervo Volante shoes. It has been left natural without surface treatment or dyeing.

Cognac (undyed, tanned with mimosa and quebracho)

Footbed: thermoformed from natural latex and coconut fibres without the use of synthetic substances. Antimicrobial, breathable and comfortable. Removable.
Reinforcements: All reinforcements on heel and toe made of recycled cotton, made in Italy.
Sole: Handmade from 100% natural rubber (each sole is handmade over 50 times). Brown sneakers: sole undyed, black sneakers: sole dyed with Italian charcoal.
Shoelaces: 100% wood-based Lyocell (Tencel) with plastic-free needles.
Packaging: recycled tissue paper and box made of 100% recycled cardboard as shipping box.

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100% PLANTALLY GROWN leather
from sustainable SWISS HUNTING
handmade in ITALY

*It is a very rare event to rediscover an extinct species in an area. The red deer had been extinct in the Swiss midlands for centuries. For some years now, it has been migrating back from the mountain regions where it has been native again for some time. In Oberwil-LIELI in Aargau, a hunter rediscovered the red deer in autumn 2016 for probably the first time in this area. A doe and a narrow-headed deer made their tracks before his eyes – A magical moment….

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