IVRAINA SUEDE – Photo&Film Sets

A unique creation, made of old chamois tanned velvet leather, worn on Photo&Film sets.
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Thanks to the flap and the V-shaped slits, it is easy to slip into the IVRAINA loafer. These welted suede deerskin loafers fit snugly to your foot. We made it without tassels and cross ribbons in favour of simple elegance. This is accentuated by an elaborately crafted front seam, which makes the foot appear slim. The shoes come with leather sole and an anti-slip latex inlay in the heel area. Barefoot and with 3/4 trousers, IVRAINA guarantees a stylish appearance.

Cervo Volante deerskin shoes are designed and handcrafted by Piret Puppart at Silvano Sassetti in Monte San Pietrangeli, Italy. Welt sewn and with a Goodyear Flex cork sole for a soft roll.

The shoes are equipped with a pure, noble leather sole in Italian style.

The shoes are made of 100% Swiss deerskin, from animals that lived in the wild and were shot there on the hunt. The incredibly soft VoVo velvet leather is one of the finest among suedes and nubuks. Our red deer hides are tanned exclusively with codfish oil by our German partner Kolesch, according to ancient tradition (old-sage or old-chamoise). The oil tanning agent is beaten into the skin with heavy wooden mallets. Thanks to exclusive use of environmentally friendly substances, after depilation the deer skins will be rinsed in a creek. Only wood dyes are used for colouring and skins are hand-brushed on the hairy side of the leather. The entire tanning process takes almost a whole year, during which the tanner manipulates the leather about 300 times… Pure traditional and ecological craftsmanship!

The colours correspond to the natural colouring caused by the tanning process. This model comes in the following colours (as long as available):

Old Chamoise tanned velvet leather

– –

100% vegetable tanned leather
from wild red deer
hunted sustainably in Switzerland
handmade in Italy by Silvano Sassetti
delivered in an environment-friendly shoebox from MODEL

For a future beyond 2050

– –

Dimensions 3600 × 2300 × 1300 cm

Dark brown, Sand




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