For a future beyond 2050

At Cervo Volante, we develop and manufacture ecological Swiss leather and work it into high quality shoes, jackets and accessories made of Swiss wild deer hides.

Approximately 15’000 red deer are hunted annually in Switzerland. Astonishingly, the majority of these deer hides are disposed.

In 2017 we founded the Swiss enterprise Cervo Volante and began to develop our first fully sustainable product line. We thrive to minimise the ecological footprint at every step of our production chain including the conservation of the hides, the transport, the leather processing, the shoe manufacturing and other constituents of our creations. We collect the skins at local butcheries in the mountains. We preserve them either by drying or by deep freezing in order to avoid the use of an enormous amount of salt. According to our Cervo Volante customs, we tan all of our leather 100% vegetable without chrome and with no chemical pre-tanning agents. As far as we know, our leather is one of the very few in the world which is tanned this consequently. We want our precious leather to stay as natural as possible. Therefore we do not add any synthetic agents for dying or surface sealing. A truly unique procedure today!

Here is our story told by the founders, watch the film about Cervo Volante >