Goodyear-welted deerskin shoes and and high-quality leather accessories from Switzerland—all made by hand to the highest ecological standards from hides that are otherwise disposed of.

Every year, 15,000 wild red deer are culled to prevent damage to Switzerland’s countryside. Cervo Volante collects their valuable hides, so they don’t go to waste. We elevate what others discard—to show the beauty in what’s wild.

Wild Swiss red deer provide the essential raw material for all Cervo Volante leather products. This leather bears traces of a life lived in the wild: scars, wrinkles, and scratches attest to its authenticity. All our leather is prepared in the canton of Bern using a traditional, purely vegetable-based barrel tanning method that is free of chromium and synthetic pre-tanning agents. We make a point of using plant extracts sourced sustainably in Europe whenever possible, such as those derived from acorns gathered by hand in Turkey. The addition of various plants during the tanning process lends our leather an olive-brown, sand, or cognac color; iron oxide and charcoal are used to create our dark brown and black hues.

After performing an initial feasibility analysis and scouting for tanneries and leather workshops in Switzerland and its neighboring countries, Cervo Volante began its journey in earnest during the 2017 and 2018 hunting seasons. In each of those years, we collected approximately 1’400 hides, which were then transformed into high-quality leather products. Today, we’ve expanded to three different product lines: shoes, accessories, and winter coats. 

Find out more about our values, our leather and the productions processes. Or accompany our founders on their way from the wild to the shoe shelf in our short video.

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