Giving the traditional craft a future

A few years ago, Silvano Sassetti, the Italian shoe maestro from Monte San Pietrangeli, started to develop healthy eco shoes for his grandchildren. Therefore, he was immediately impressed by our project and our leather (“che bello!”) and agreed to become our production partner.

Our shoe models benefit not only from Silvano’s great craftsmanship and passion, but also from his legendary Goodyear-Flex sole technology, which guarantees a smooth foot roll from the very first step. Our designer and sustainability specialist work with Sassetti’s team to ensure that our shoes are stylish, durable and ecological.

We are pleased to partner with Meindl Fashion, one of the most experienced processors of “wild leather”.

Meindl has used traditional genuine suede for decades and treats the valuable natural material with great respect. From cutting to embroidery, Meindl produces everything in its own tailoring shop in Kirchanschöring, Germany.

Long-learned skills and real manual work is needed to tailor a jacket from two to four deerskins. Meindl uses state-of-the-art laser technology to produce as little waste as possible and to get the most out of one deerskin. Whenever possible Meindl’s leather clippings are made use of in other products.

At Meindl, our designs meet a competent and meticulous leather tailoring company, which fits in perfectly with our philosophy of “wild luxury”.

Our Accessoires are handcrafted by our partner Karlen Swiss high up (1500m) in the Swiss Alps in a beautiful village Törbel.

Marc at Törbel

The selection of the leather and the placement of the cutting patterns on our scarred leather is an art in itself!

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whenever possible

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