VoVo leather

The raw material for Cervo Volante leather products comes from wild red deer from Switzerland. Scars, skin wrinkles and scratches in leather are traces of this wild life and a sign of authenticity. All leathers are tanned in the Canton of Berne with 100% vegetable tanning agents, without chromium and without any synthetic pretanning agents.

This image of a red deer was kindly provided by Markus Stähli, wildphoto.ch.

Our leather is “organic”, because there is nothing more “organic” than a leather from red deer that has lived a long and happy life in the wild and been hunted sustainably. Despite that, the official organic label (like those of Bio-Suisse) is only awarded to agricultural products like cattle or calves.

Pure Gold in the world of leather: Valonea oak tanned red deer skins made by Zeller in Steffisburg, Switzerland.

Cervo Volante uses only sustainably obtained plant extracts mainly from Europe e.g. hand-picked oak fruits from Turkey. Our various leather colours like sand, cognac and olive-brown are obtained from the use of different plants in tanning. For dark brown and black leather we use iron oxide or coal for dyeing in the barrel during the tanning process.

VoVo smooth leather

The VoVo smooth leather is produced in small tanneries in Switzerland. Through close cooperation with the Zeller tannery one can fall back to the traditional barrel tanning and the use of European tanning agents.

After several tests and continuous optimisation, beautiful colourfast and water-repellent deer leather is produced within about 2 months.

Jürg Zeller’s first words when he saw the metamorphosis of the wonderful VoVo Leather into the shoes were: „Dä würeni de grad näh..!“ (“This I would love to have for myself …”)

VoVo velvet leather

The incredibly soft VoVo velvet leather is one of the finest among suedes and nubuks. Our red deer hides are tanned exclusively with codfish oil by our German partner Kolesch, according to ancient tradition (old-sage or old-chamoise). The oil tanning agent is beaten into the skin with heavy wooden mallets.

Kolesch in Biberach, Germany is one of the last tanneries worldwide that practices the old chamoise tanning method, to achieve a very soft smooth leather (nubuk).

Thanks to exclusive use of environmentally friendly substances, after depilation the deer skins will be rinsed in a creek. Only wood dyes are used for colouring and skins are hand-brushed on the hairy side of the leather. The entire tanning process takes almost a whole year, during which the tanner manipulates the leather about 300 times… Pure traditional and ecological craftsmanship!

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