TAPIR leather care oil

Eine konsequent natürliche Lederpflege für Ledermöbel, Lederbekleidung, Taschen, Koffer und ähnliches.

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Leather care is the prerequisite for your Cervo Volante deerskin accessory to remain a favourite piece of leather.* Your accessories need regular care with the care oil. Especially if your bag has been wet or cleaned with a damp cloth, the leather should be given back the lost fat. This maintains its elasticity and lightly impregnates the surface against dirt and moisture.

If your bag got wet in the rain and small drip marks appeared, you can wet the whole leather with a cotton cloth (wipe it slightly damp), let it dry well and then rub in the care oil lightly. Shake well before use! Massage the Tapir Leather Oil thinly and evenly into the clean leather with a soft cotton cloth, e.g. a worn-out T-shirt. Wipe off excess oil with an absorbent cotton cloth. After a short soaking time, polish with a clean cotton cloth or a fine shining brush. Leathers treated in this way remain supple and soft.

ATTENTION: Light-coloured leathers may darken as a result of the treatment. Therefore, for sensitive types of leather, it is best to try out the effect on a concealed area.

Product properties:
mildly cleansing, slightly greasing and water-repellent
for leather furniture, leather clothing, leather bags, leather suitcases and similar items
consistently natural raw materials
NCP certification

Castor oil*, rapeseed oil*, natural solvents, vinegar*.
*from controlled organic cultivation

Without petrochemicals, without fragrances.
Certified according to the Nature Care Product Standard.

200ml bottle

Handmade in the small Tapir Wachswaren Manufaktur in Germany.


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