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Cervo Volante for kids

Cervo Volante for kidsNatural, wild and wonderful. This is just as true for little Urslis and Madlainas as it is for Cervo Volante's new children line. Because only "pure nature"…

Introducing our partner companies: Muntagnard

Eine bedeutende Kooperation prägt das Vorgehen von Muntagnard: Cervo Volante, ein Unternehmen, das hochwertiges Leder für die Produkte von Muntagnard, wie Etiketten auf Mänteln und Jacken, bereitstellt. Die Entscheidung für Cervo Volante basierte auf deren authentischer und tiefgreifender Nachhaltigkeitsgeschichte, die sich nahtlos in die Vision von Muntagnard für nachhaltige und erstklassige Mode einfügt.

H2O – Hope for Organisms and Habitats

With man’s stranglehold on nature, a period that some call the Anthropocene, the fresh water cycle is being severely threatened. In the first place, a large part is being used for agricultural purposes, be it for livestock farming or the ever more intensive fodder cultivation. The industrial sector is also very water-demanding, either as a raw material, solvent, hydroelectric source or coolant.


The 2019 Deer Hunt and Collection Season The red deer is doing well. Even so well that its population is constantly growing in Switzerland. The majestic ungulate is returning to…


Wild Things on Kickstarter – Get Your One of a Kind Accessory! On top Black Edition and Shoes from Pittanned Leather What shall we do with all those beautiful deerskin…


Dear friends and fans of Cervo Volante, dear Ladies and Gentlemen who would like to soon become so. We proudly present to you the first issue of Cervo Volantes Newsletter…

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