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Pirmina Caminada and Cervo Volante, that is something like love at first sight. Or an act of providence. And a symbiosis.

Pirmina is a gamekeeper in the Grisons. She is the first woman to practise this profession, which has existed for around 150 years in the mountain region. She “owns” the Val Lumnezia, the Valley of Light. It is here that she carries out her many and varied tasks for the benefit of wild animal protection: Counting ibex and chamois, monitoring hunting, searching for and killing injured animals, capturing, marking and telemetrating red deer, protecting and enhancing the habitat of the game. Besides Pirmina, golden eagles, bearded vultures, lynxes and wolves live in the impressive valley of the Greina plateau.

The guardian of the game with the long braid is also a field ornithologist, herbalist and trained nature and environment expert. She has been a hunter for 25 years. She is deeply rooted in nature, local culture and traditional customs. Already as a child she has been passed on a lot of knowledge about the animal and plant world. She grew up in a small farm in Vrin, at the very back of Val Lumnezia, a valley at the end of the world. She learned about the medicinal plants from her mother. Accompanying her father she went hunting.

Nature has always been a teacher for me and a place of inner peace and refuge. I would like to encourage people to discover and enjoy the hidden riches within themselves and in nature.

Pirmina Caminada,

The experience and knowledge about nature and culture she gained in her life is passed on today in seminars, lectures and excursions. Her first book “Places of Magic. Hikes to powerful places in the Val Lumnezia” has been published. And as if that wasn’t enough, for a few years now Pirmina has been running Café Greina – a yurt near the idyllic goat alp of Parvalsauns, on the hiking trail through the Greina plain. In this oasis of peace with impressive mountain views, local delicacies such as goat’s cream cheese with Alpine herbs are served.

Cervo Volante team met Pirmina in Flims. In the shop window of Ravina’s gallery boutique she had already discovered and tried on the God Grisch lace-up boots: “I fell in love with them right away. They are beautiful”. The Grison native continues to ponder: ” I could already see myself walking around in these wonderful God Grisch. And I fall in love with them again and again”. For Cervo Volante, Pirmina modelled in her Greina with her second shoe, the Pardiel boot. Her black Labrador dog Leila was not to be missed. The boot withstood even alpine terrain: “The comfort is simply ingenious and never before have I had such an all-round feeling of well-being with a shoe”, says the mountain woman. The resulting pictures reflect the beautiful symbiosis and the symbolisation of what makes Cervo Volante so special: True luxury is the beauty of nature.

«La natira era in liug da pasch interna e recreaziun.»

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