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Röhrender Hirsch

The 2019 Deer Hunt and Collection Season

The red deer is doing well. Even so well that its population is constantly growing in Switzerland. The majestic ungulate is returning to areas from which it has disappeared for centuries. Even also to the densely populated Swiss Plateau.

A young deer captured with a photo trap in the canton of Aargau

Moreover, the global warming does not leave even the red deer cold: milder, shorter winters and moist, nutrient-rich meadows support the continued population growth. In order to prevent greater damage to the forests, the deer population is regulated, meaning the deer is shot during the hunt. This year’s hunting season shows, that this is not so easy: 5500 red deer were targeted to be hunted alone in the canton of Grison. The Grison’s hunters were able to shot only 60% of the targeted animals due to unfavourable weather conditions. Further 2300 deer, especially cows and young animals, would need to be shot during the special follow-on hunt in the November and December. Since the mountains are already covered with snow, this will hardly be possible.

With Conny on a deer hunt at the end of September in the Engadine The Swiss National Park begins on the other side of the valley

Notwithstanding the difficult hunting conditions in September, Cervo Volante was once again able to collect 1500 deer skins from over 20 game butcheries in the cantons of Grisons, St. Gallen, Valais and Berne this year and thus save them from disposal. Meanwhile, our partner company Neuenschwander GNS in Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern, has hang-dried and stored all of these deer hides. No salting, no freezing, just air and love. The first tranches are already in the tanning barrels at our tanneries.

New Arrivals

Finally they are here, the elegant and sustainable Chelseas MÜSTAILA for her and FALCUN for him. Handmade with Blake construction from wild Swiss deerskin tanned with oak, naturally dyed in black and dark brown.

The Müstaila – Our Chelsea boot for ladies with strong drive
Falcun, ein hochwertiger Lederschuh, der für Nachhaltigkeit und Natürlichkeit steht.
Our Chelsea for men goes by the name of Falcun

Perfect for the colder days: Our full leather lace-up boots BREIL. They impress with an insulating crepe sole made out of natural rubber and a slightly padded shaft end for additional wearing comfort. Made out of wild Swiss deer leather, which is tanned with oak and dyed naturally black and dark brown.

breil, schnürstiefel, silvano sassetti, rotwildleder herrenschuh,
Breil is our cross-season model par excellence

Deer-SAMADA: A sporty-elegant leather boot with beautifully finished double leather shaft and concealed seams. Zipper and leather grip for easy slipping in, soft crepe sole for a comfortable walk

Samada, ein ökologischer Hirschleder-Stiefel für die kalte Jahreszeit.
Samada our classy leather-boot for women
Samada, ein ökologischer Hirschleder-Stiefel für die kalte Jahreszeit.
in darkbrown and black leather

All our shoes are designed by our designers Sandra Schachenmann and Piret Puppart and handmade by Silvano Sassetti in Italy.

In the coming weeks we anticipate the first delivery of our new accessories: A laptop case, a notebook with an agenda, a cardholder and some handbags will complete our assortment.

We will notify you as soon as the new products have arrived at the store and are available online in the webshop – Christmas is just around the corner…

Coming soon

As of December, we have a new addition to our store from the cantons of Appenzell and Grisons: the two young Swiss labels APPENZELLER GURT and MUNTAGNARD will complement CERVO VOLANTE wonderfully. The Appenzell belt of the 21st century is worn as a rediscovered fashion accessory with a suit, dress or jeans – in America and New Zealand as well as in Appenzell and Zurich. This is high-quality Swiss craftsmanship with history.

MUNTAGNARD develops sustainable clothing for all those who do not want to do without comfort and style. The founders present their first creation exclusively in our store: The T-shirt LEGNA (romanesque for wood) is 100% wood-based and the first flustix-certified plastic-free garment worldwide. The shirt is incredibly comfortable to wear, more breathable than cotton and less odor-sensitive than polyester.

With a little luck, the founders of the two brands can be found in our store at Christmas time, presenting their products and telling their story.   

We look forward to welcoming you to our store at Neumarkt 24 in Zurich!

Last pieces

We are introducing a new section to our Webshop called “Last Pieces”. Here you will find unique Cervo Volante items such as special production limited editions, pieces that are almost sold out, others that have been worn by models on photo&film sets or design prototypes and samples that didn’t make-it into production. Please have a look and discover a unique piece at a special price, for yourself or someone you care for.

Agenda Fall/Winter 2019

On Thursday, 21st of November the Festival of Lights will take place at Neumarkt. On this evening we cordially invite you to make a key ring or a tree ornament in our small workshop from the deer leather leftovers from our production.

On Sunday 22nd of December we open our doors for everyone who is still looking for a suitable Christmas present for her or him.

Opening hours over Christmas: Sunday December 22nd – Tuesday December 24th, December 27th & 28th and December 30th & 31st.

With the red deer now slowly entering their winter habitat, we wish you a beautiful autumn finale and a relaxed Advent season!

Your Cervo Volante Team

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