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Kadri Vunder Fontana, co-founder of Cervo Volante, describes her impressions and experiences along the partnership with Paavo Järvi.

For a while already, we in Cervo Volante have been thinking of finding a cooperation partner, an ambassador, who shares our world outlook as regards sustainability, love for nature, with all its perfections and imperfections. Somebody who understands our quest for harmony between human and nature. And who would suit better than Paavo Järvi, a world-famous conductor, born in Estonia and currently being a music director of Zürich Tonhalle Orchestra. Just like Estonia and Switzerland have joined forces in Cervo Volante, Paavo Järvi has ties with both countries.

I approached him after one of his concerts at the Tonhalle, introduced Cervo Volante, our story, and principles. Paavo was fascinated, as a musician, he immediately saw a symphony of balance in our aspirations, where human needs go gracefully hand in hand with the needs of the Earth, ensuring a future where both flourish in eternal accord. Sustainability is the cornerstone of everything we do at Cervo Volante. Paavo explained that for him, sustainability is mostly related to the continuation of our Estonian culture. He detailed how he sees music having a role in cultural sustainability.

Further, I asked him if he might be interested if we made something specially for him.

He explained that conductors order music and composers write music on scores, which vary in size, and some can be huge.

The nature of his work requires frequent travelling and often he must go on stage immediately after landing. After some unpleasant experiences of lost luggage, he has decided to have his essentials always in hand luggage, containing just the basics: the scores,  an iPad and some basic noise cancelling headphones. Until recently, he used an inconvenient sports bag to carry his exceptionally large scores. So far, he had not found anything more suitable and elegant for carrying his essentials.

The name has a special significance – Kooskõla is an Estonian word, meaning ’harmony’ or ’accord’

– Kadri Vunder Fontana

So, we decided to develop a “conductors travel bag“, which could hold all his extra-large scores and other essentials. He liked our business bag Dschember, so our designers made drawings and prototypes, we let Paavo test them, changed them several times according to Paavo’s suggestions, and finally the score bag „Kooskõla“ was born.

The name has a special significance – “kooskõla” is an Estonian word, meaning ’harmony’ or ’accord’. First and foremost, it relates to music, harmony is important in music and for Paavo, as a musician, harmony is important, his harmony with the orchestra he conducts and the harmony of various instruments in the orchestra. But not only this – we, in Cervo Volante aspire for harmony between human and nature. Harmonious balance of humans using the treasures of nature but doing it sustainably and in a balanced manner. That is harmony in a more extensive sense for us.

To make travelling even more comfortable, we developed various accessories to go with the score bag. We tried to give them names which would be somehow related to music and nature.

To make travelling even more comfortable, we developed various accessories to go with the score bag. We tried to give them names which would be somehow related to music and nature.

Keeltepaun – a small pouch to keep cables, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners and the like what a conductor needs while rehearsing with orchestras. Again, the name is interesting ’keel’ (plural ’keelte’) means language or tongue, but also ’a string of an instrument’. ’Paun’ is ’pouch’ in slightly quaint Estonian. So, this little fellow is called either ’a pouch of languages’ or ’a pouch of strings’ – referring simultaneously to the extent Paavo and Cervo Volante reach out across states and languages borders, but also to music, as Paavo’s main passion and occupation.

Kaja S, M, L – a case in three different sizes for iPad or the like. ’Kaja’ means ’echo’ in Estonian. You can hear echo in nature: if you call out in the nature, the nature will echo back. Echo is also an essential element in music.


TAMANGUR Stage special loafers – when you stand in front of the orchestra, your feet must stay firm on the ground. Our Tamangur loafers, with the special addition ‘for stage’, were developed specially for Paavo. He is already wearing them on stage.

Finally, we agreed to develop a moto, which would be the basis of our collaboration and a slogan for products developed for Paavo. I listened for hours of interviews with him, to really get to the heart of his principles and ideas. We proposed several versions, finally he chose „creating future traditions “.

About Paavo Järvi.

Estonian conductor Paavo Järvi, Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich’s Music Director, merges Swiss precision with Estonian passion. Through his role, Järvi intricately weaves Bruckner and Mahler into the orchestra’s repertoire, showcasing a blend of Swiss craftsmanship and Estonian fervor. With roots in Tallinn and studies under Leonard Bernstein, Järvi’s career spans continents.

His collaboration with Cervo Volante underscores his commitment to uniting Swiss and Estonian cultures through music. Järvi champions Estonian composers and established the acclaimed Pärnu Music Festival and Järvi Academy.

Esteemed globally, he’s honored with a Grammy and Conductor of the Year titles, also receiving Estonia’s Order of the White Star for preserving its culture.

As Tonhalle Zürich’s conductor, Järvi epitomizes orchestral excellence, infusing Swiss precision into his artistry while fostering cultural harmony between Estonia and Switzerland.

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