Gratisversand ab CHF 250 in der Schweiz | Mehr Infos hier

Faoro and Cervo Volante klicked from the start. Behind Faoro stand the charismatic owner Renato Faoro, whose grandfather founded this traditional fashion store at the Plazza dal Mulin in St. Moritz in 1927, and charming Heidi Kopp, a connoisseur of arts and culture, curator of the Château Papillons des Art in St. Moritz and creator of her own fashion label.

Faoro has made a conscious decision to stand out from the catwalk-influenced scene in St. Moritz. Instead of schickymicky, Faoro remains true to its origins as a supplier of robust workwear. In 1880, the first FAORO shops to meet the needs of railway construction workers were built along the railway lines of the Rhaetian Railway. Many Faoro garments still refer to this original denim and workwear of that time.

Renato and Heidi personally know each producer and the history of their products. Heidi’s enthusiasm, when she talks about the good old “Truns fabric”, which they revived and made into cool trousers at Prada’s, is infectious. Or the brand-new  sweater in honour of a brave Engadine mountain guide. There is a wine bar in the shop and sometimes even a Cucina Faoro, where top chefs from Switzerland or Italy prepare culinary highlights and thus attract guests to the fashion world for a few days.

We are very happy that Cervo Volante’s Story and three of our shoe models are now on display on the shop window and at the entrance area at Faoro. This is real honour. And Heidi, who puts her heart and soul in the customer service, has managed to sell a pair of God Grisch on the first day already.

Thank you, Renato and Heidi, we are happy to be in your unique shop!

Renato Faoro with his Captain Santor Denims and our Curaglias congratulations for the perfect choice
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