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Vitra & Cervo Volante present:

Plywood Group LCW in wild Swiss deer leather

Limited Edition

Vitra has covered the iconic Plywood Group Special LCW in dark walnut with oak-tanned Swiss deer leather by Cervo Volante. The iconic design chair by Charles and Ray Eames is a unique tribute to style, nature and heritage.

The limited and numbered lounge chair will be presented at the Interior Studio of the House of Vitra in Weil am Rhein until the end of 2021, and is also available as of autumn at the furniture store Neumarkt 17 in Zurich.

The most sustainable leather in the world from the Swiss wilderness

On a Plywood Group Special LCW Deer you sit on one of the most sustainable leathers in the world from Switzerland: purely vegetable, handmade with European acorn fruits in a traditional Bernese tannery, without heavy metals, without chemical pre-tanning, without synthetic dyes. Wild beauty from nature.

LCW Special_1Every piece is unique
LCW Special_3Every piece is unique

Traces of life in the wild such as scars, skin folds or small injuries in the leather make each Plywood Group Special LCW Deer unique. The Special is offered in the Interior Studio of the House of Vitra. Customers can get advice from the Interior Sales Team and select, buy and order the Special on the spot. As of autumn, the special will also be available in Zurich at Neumarkt 17 and can be pre-ordered there.


Each step in the production of Cervo Volante leather is traceable. Each hide has an identification number of the butcher shop that collected the hide. Subsequent tanning processes are documented by batch numbers.
Each Plywood Group Special LCW Deer receives a QR code “Track your Deer” with which the origin of the deer hide can be discovered.

Features of Cervo Volante leather

The hide of wild red deer is often marked with characteristic features due to their natural living conditions. These are created during life by wounds from rutting fights, scratches from thorns, insect bites and at the end of life by the shot hole and the transfer of the animal from a wild valley or mountain to the butcher shop. The surfaces of Cervo Volante leather hides are untreated and natural. They are therefore chemical-free, breathable and hypoallergenic.

About Cervo Volante

We founded Cervo Volante in 2017 to bring to market what we have not found ourselves: Sustainable leather shoe classics and everyday companions with the smallest ecological footprint. We - that's Kadri, Conny, Piret and Marc. We come from the world of business, biology, design and creativity and we are united by a heart for nature, for beauty and meaning, for the unadorned and the honest.

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Women power: We do leather differently.

Cervo Volante deer leather has its origins in nature and in Switzerland. Every year, over 15,000 wild red deer are shot to regulate the population. The deer meat is utilized, but the hides are disposed of. Cervo Volante saves these valuable by-products from incineration to produce natural, vegetable-tanned leather, shoes and accessories. Sustainable beauty from the wilds of Switzerland.

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The world of Cervo Volante

Noble raw material from Swiss nature, thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship from Europe: This is how unique life companions are created.

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Sustainability is at the heart of Cervo Volante.

At Cervo Volante we love nature and want our children to be able to experience it as intact and beautiful as we do.

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Limited and numbered Lounge Chair collection now available

Presented and available at the Interior Studio of the House of Vitra in Weil am Rhein, Germany and as of autumn at the Neumarkt 17 furniture store in Zurich.

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