Our goal: Lowest impact on the environment and people

We are constantly developing our products and production methods. Our ecological footprint from acquiring raw material to delivering the ready-made product should be as small as possible. That is why we are continuously improving our methods to finally provide you with sustainable and durable everyday companions and favourites which have been made with the highest environmental standards in mind.

We are working towards making the further use of leather waste that is left over from tanning or cutting. Together with our research partners we are developing an ergonomic and breathing insole, which will be made of fine leather waste flakes from the tannery and organically activated carbon against sweating.

In the future, our insoles will be made of recycled cork.

We are negotiating with various partners to find the best ecological material for our jacket linings.

 Small accessories such as mobile cases or leather labels for jackets etc, will be made of our leather leftovers in the future.