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DEDICATED TO CHANGE. We understand sustainability in its original sense, to mean that no more should be consumed than can be replenished in the future. This understanding rests on three pillars: ecology, economy, and social responsibility. It means making our products in harmony with nature and in a way that’s as environmentally friendly as possible. It means the careful management of resources, and it means fostering working conditions that are as equitable as possible for all participants in the procurement and production chains. For us, sustainability isn’t a luxury—it’s the very foundation of a life lived mindfully and responsibly.

Consequently, we aim to reduce the ecological impact of our products — from sourcing raw materials to shipping—to the absolute minimum. We’re continually working to create new favorites and every day companions that are long-lasting and verifiably sustainable, from their buttons down to their soles.

Our dedication to sustainability leads us to develop and produce environmentally friendly items that our customers can wear with a clear conscience. We believe that we’re responding to the demands of a new, mindful generation of customers who’re looking for products of enduring quality produced in harmony with nature—customers who want to understand what their products are made of and how they were made.

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