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Our team combines experience and competence in the fields of tanning, leather quality, marketing and distribution, design, sustainability, business management and finance and logistics.

Ladies first from left to right Dr Conny Thiel Egenter Dr Kadri Vunder Fontana Piret Puppart Margit Vunder Marc Fischer

Dr. Conny Thiel-Egenter, Gründerin, Partnerin

>10 years business management experience.

Head of consultancy and planning company for nature conservation and ecosystem management.

Loves to hunt in the mountains and to discover biodiversity.


Dr. Kadri Vunder Fontana, Gründerin, Partnerin

>15 years business management experience.

Launch and build-up of several start-up companies.

Enthusiastic about finding entrepreneurial solutions to environmental and social issues.


Piret Puppart, Gründerin, Partnerin, Designerin

>7 years apparel industry experience as head designer.

Launched a new label – Uschanka.
Professor, Head of Fashion Design at Estonian Academy of Arts.

Passionate about nature, heritage handicraft and cultures.


Marc Fischer, Gründer, Partner, Art Director

> 25 years of experience in international product design, development, marketing and advertising.

Entrepreneur on the search for new ways & solutions for the future beyond 2050.


Margit Vunder, Partnerin, Integrated Business Planning

>15 years of experience in Sales Operations in international industrial companies.

Passionate about Russian literature and a great supporter of diversity.

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