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Caring for your shoes is vital if you want them in your life for a long time to come. Preserve their shape with shoe trees and wear them for no more than two days in a row, airing them out well afterwards to dry. Cervo Volante deer leather shoes are natural products. For the sake of beauty and breathability, the leather surface is only greased and not sealed. Irregularities in color or texture are witnesses of the wild life of the red deer and give your shoe a unique character.

Remove any dirt with a soft brush or cotton cloth (e.g. an old T-shirt). If necessary, dampen the cloth or, if the shoes are very dirty, briefly rinse with running water. Always dry well afterwards. Use Tapir’s leather care polish to moisturize your shoes, protect them from water, and give them a subtle shine. Handmade in Germany, this high-quality polish consists entirely of natural ingredients such as beeswax, carnauba wax, and sunflower oil. Apply the polish sparingly to dry shoes. Wait several minutes and then buff with a clean, dry cotton cloth or shoe brush. 

Brush out dirt, remove stains with foam rubber. Apply velour impregnation (e.g. from Tapir) as required.

To completely dry out wet leather soles, allow as much air as possible to reach them by laying the shoes on their sides. If your shoes have leather soles, we recommend using Tapir’s leather sole treatment regularly to protect and waterproof the soles.

Our careflyer can be found here.

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