Slip into the shoes and feel like you’re on cloud nine: A fleecy and warm chelsea boot with sustainable Swiss fox fur lining.


CHF 180.00 CHF 690.00

Alvetern is fleecy, warm and comfortable as a slipper, with the elegance of a typical chelsea boot.
The winter boot is based on the make of a sneaker and is equipped with a flexible natural rubber sole. Thanks to double elastic gusset, the boot fits almost any foot, and is easy to put on.

Alvetern can be combined “casually” with jeans or “elegantly” with a suit or dress.

At the heart ofthe shoes is a lining made from purely vegetable tanned wild red fox fur (Vulpes vulpes), from sustainable Swiss hunting. The large fox population in Switzerland is hunted at a low level. However, most of these fox furs find no use and end up in the trash. We believe that it is better to use natural, sustainable furs from Switzerland, than artificial fur made based on crude oil or a tanuki from Chinese breeding. We only use fox fur from sustainable hunting without traps with legally anchored animal welfare requirements.


  • Fleecy warm lining made of vegetable tanned Swiss fox fur (shaved)
  • Removable, breathable footbed made of 100% natural materials covered with Cervo Volante leather
  • Natural rubber sole for ultra soft and light step
  • Fine stag beetle embossing on the side

By means of Strobel construction, the textile insole is connected to the upper of the shoe via a seam. The rubber sole is sewn on. The result is an unusually light, flexible and comfortable Chelsea boot.

Made in a small Italian shoe factory in Tuscany.

The pure vegetable tanned upper leather in Switzerland comes from wild Swiss red deer, as in all Cervo Volante shoes. It has been left natural without surface treatment.

The natural, shaved fur comes from the wild Swiss red fox. The high quality fur is 100% vegetable tanned in Switzerland, in the canton of Bern, without aluminum and without synthetic tanning agents.

The colors correspond to the natural coloration caused by tanning with European oak.
For this model available:

Dark brown


  • Foot bed: Made by thermoforming from natural latex and coconut fibers without the use of synthetic substances. Antimicrobial, breathable and comfortable. Removable.
  • Reinforcements: All reinforcements are made of recycled cotton, made in Italy.
  • Sole: Handmade from 100% natural rubber (each sole is taken into hand over 50 times). Brown Chelsea: sole undyed, black Chelsea: sole dyed with Italian charcoal.
  • Packaging: recycled tissue paper and 100% recycled cardboard box as shipping box.

*Alv etern, the “eternal white” is the Rhaeto-Romanic name for the edelweiss. Probably the best known alpine plant is well protected from the cold thanks to the finest white hairs on the bracts. Thanks to the finest fox hair, the Alvetern winter boot feels cuddly, cosy and protective against the wind and cold.
By the way, the Edelweiss is actually just as little white as our Chelseaboot. The supposedly white petals are green bracts, which appear white only thanks to thousands of air bubbles between the pubescence. The real petals are teeny tiny and almost black….

– –

100% NATURALLY DYED leather
from the WILD RED DEER
with inner lining from WILDLIFE RED Fox
from sustainable SWISS HUNTING
handmade in ITALY
packaged in recycled tissue paper in a smart SHOE BOX made of recycled cardboard.

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Black, Dark brown


35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42


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