APPENZELL Swiss deer leather BELT

The Appenzell belt made of Swiss dearskin is 4cm wide & decorated with brass ornaments. Delivery time: 20-25 days

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The Appenzell belt made of Swiss buckskin is 4cm wide & decorated with brass ornaments.

The belt is hand-sewn and made of leather from Swiss deerskin, from animals that lived in the wild and were shot there on the hunt as part of the bio-regulation. The bumps and scratches on the leather are traces of this wild life and a sign of authenticity and uniqueness. All leather is 100% vegetable tanned in the canton of Bern, without chrome and without synthetic tanning agents.

The colours correspond to the natural colouring caused by the tanning process. The belt comes in the following colours (as long as available):

Cognac (tanned with MIMOSA/QUEBRACHO)
Black (tanned with oak and dyed black with mineral coal)
Dark brown (tanned with oak and dyed with iron oxide brown)

Shipping time: CH 10-15 days, worldwide 15-25 days
Shipping: CH free of charge, EU 15 CHF, worldwide 17 CHF
Delivery time: 20-25 days


Black, Cognac, Dark brown

Grösse Gürtel

80 (80 cm pants waist size), 85 (85 cm pants waist size), 90 (90 cm pants waist size), 95 (95 cm pants waist size), 100 (100 cm pants waist size), 105 (105 cm pants waist size), 110 (110 cm pants waist size), 115 (115 cm pants waist size)


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Size Guide

Tips for measuring: The circumference measured at the height of the belt loop plus an additional 13 cm gives the correct belt length. Example: circumference 91 cm plus 13 cm results in 104 cm. The optimal belt length in this case is 105 cm.

Belt as a gift: An existing belt can also be measured: The length from the buckle to the most used belt hole corresponds to the waist circumference, i.e. take this length and add 13cm, which gives the belt length.


Caution: Never measure the entire belt, as belts have belt ends of different lengths.

Belt sizes adults

Belt size hip circumference
90cm 75-79cm
95cm 80-84cm
100cm 85-89cm
105cm 90-94cm
110cm 95-99cm
115cm 100-104cm
120cm 105-109cm
125cm 110-114cm
130cm 115-119cm