The wide Chalun women’s belt is an eye-catcher. Whether worn as a wild piece of jewellery on a dress, as a waist belt or low-slung hipster belt. Sustainable in cognac, oak brown and black.

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The wide belt for women is made of doubled Cervo Volante deer leather: the smooth leather outside shows the wild and authentic look, while the fine suede side of the deerleather comes into its own on the inside. The edges are left natural, without edge colour or edge gloss. The embossed fine stag beetle is hidden when the belt is closed. The end of the belt is cut straight, reflecting the shape of the buckle.

In addition to the striking double buckle in antique silver, the belt end can be fastened by a leather loop. This leather loop can be moved to the right place thanks to a loop holder. If the leather loop or loop holder are not needed, they can simply be cut off.

We at Cervo Volante are convinced that respectful use of what nature provides has a future. Because this is what gives rise to true luxury and unique everyday companions. For people with style and the courage to make a conscious statement for more sustainability.

Belt dimensions

Lengths: 80 cm 85 cm 90 cm 95 cm 100 cm

At the hips, measure the circumference in the loop area of the trousers with a tape measure: if you measure 93 cm, both size 90 and 95 will fit.
On an existing belt, measure the length from the 3rd hole to the end of the buckle.

Width: 5cm

Cognac (tanned with MIMOSA/QUEBRACHO, undyed)
Oak brown (tanned with VALONEA oak, undyed)
Dark brown (tanned with oak, dyed brown with iron oxide)

100% Swiss deer leather from animals that have lived in the wild and have been hunted there. Bumps and scratches on the leather are traces of this wild life and a sign of authenticity and uniqueness. All leathers are tanned in the canton of Bern 100% vegetable, without chrome and without synthetic tanning agents.

Made from 100% recycled PET bottles. For leather colour cognac a natural coloured sewing thread is used, for black leather a black thread.

Double buckle in antique silver colour, 7 x 9.5 cm with rounded corners from an Italian manufacture.

The belt is handmade in a third generation family business in Appenzell.

* Chalun: roman for hip, it’s as simple as that. The leg of venison is called chalun-tschierv, the leg of venison chalun-chavriel and the chicken leg chalun-pulaste. But we didn’t really want to go that far…

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from sustainable SWISS HUNTING
handmade in switzerland

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Images by FIONAARTS Photography, thank you.


Black, Cognac, Olive brown

Grösse Gürtel

80 (80 cm pants waist size), 85 (85 cm pants waist size), 90 (90 cm pants waist size), 95 (95 cm pants waist size), 100 (100 cm pants waist size)


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