Up on horseback and down to earth: a pre-version at a discounted price. The Sella saddle bag is light, slim, elegant and naturally wild. Not made of horse leather but vegetable-tanned dear leather from the Swiss wilderness.

CHF 290.00


SELLA PREP is our small pre-production series of the SELLA saddle bag. The development of an accessory takes time. Saddlebags have matured over centuries, if not millennia, refined and repeatedly adapted to modern needs. We don’t presume to bring a new perfect beauty onto the market in a flash. That’s why we’re taking a first stab at it with the SELLA PREP. We are selling this fully functional, well thought-out and beautiful saddle bag at a reduced price, and look forward to your feedback, ideas and suggestions for the further evolution of SELLA.

When developing SELLA, we took the classic horse saddle bag as a model. This has always had to fulfil two functions: To be light and compact and not lose its contents even when galloping. Because with too much weight, you not only lose elegance on horseback, but also rhythm or even balance. We think this also applies to shoulder bags: that’s why SELLA is slim, light and easy to close, so that nothing stands in the way of an elegant stride.

SELLA lives through its wildness. Because wild red deer brave wind and weather, fight with rivals and scratch themselves on thorns. Their skin therefore has scratches and abrasions that show in the leather and make each saddle bag unique. A homage to the untamed wild horse…Minimalist, handy and naturally wild. Plastic inserts have been deliberately omitted and the intermediate layers are made of finely sharpened dear leather. SELLA is made of 100% purely vegetable and chrome-free tanned Swiss deerskin. It is sewn with strong recycled PET yarn in Europe.

Cognac (tanned with MIMOSA/QUEBRACHO)
Oak brown (tanned with VALONEA OAK)

100% Swiss deerskin from animals that lived in the wild and were hunted there. Bumps and scratches on the leather are traces of this wild life and a sign of authenticity and uniqueness. All leathers are tanned in the canton of Bern 100% vegetable, without chrome and without synthetic tanning agents.

Made from 100% recycled PET bottles

Volume: 25 x 19 x 4 cm
Envelope flap with concealed magnetic button
Small inner compartment 18 ×9 cm for mobile phone, writing utensils or altimeter
Outer compartment: 16 x 25 cm for notebook, lip balm or pocket knife
Shoulder strap: 2cm wide, adjustable in length with 5 steps between 120cm – 145cm

The saddle bag is handmade in a small manufactory in the Czech Republic.

*SELLA is the Romance and Italian word for saddle, as a reference to the saddle bag. As in German, SELLA can mean both a horse saddle and a saddle-shaped depression in the mountains, i.e. a mountain pass. And Switzerland is blessed with mountain passes. Not only with well-known ones like the Great St. Bernhard, the Furka or the Lukmanier, but also with beautiful unknown ones like the Sella da Pülschezza, the Sella Tantermozza, the Sella d’Arpschella…

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100% vegetable tanned LEATHER
from sustainable SWISS HUNTING
handmade in EUROPE

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Cognac, Olive brown


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