Lugagge tag RANDULINA

CHF 95.00

The practical luggage tag accompanies you and your luggage on all your journeys – RANDULINA* is a simple yet elegant addition to any travelling accessory so that it is possible to identify the owner of the item.

The tag is pulled through a loop in leather band and can therefore be easily attached to any strap or suitcase. The address card is put into the leather case and covered with a leather hood.


10 cm long, 6.5 cm wide


Cognac (tanned with MIMOSA/QUEBRACHO)
Olive brown (tanned with VALONEA OAK)
Dark brown (tanned with oak and dyed with iron oxide brown)
Black (tanned with oak and dyed black with charcoal)


The pendant is made of 100% Swiss deerskin, from animals that lived in the wild and were shot there on the hunt. The bumps and scratches on the leather are traces of this wild life and a sign of authenticity and uniqueness. The luggage tags were laser-cut to their shape, giving them characteristic dark edges. All leather is 100% vegetable tanned in the canton of Bern, without chrome and without synthetic tanning agents.

The pendant does not need any metal at all.


The luggage tag is manufactured in the mountain village of Törbel in Valais in Switzerland.

* Randulina (Romanic for swallow). Swallows are long distance pullers and fly to Africa and back for the winter holidays. Randulinas used to be called the Engadine swallows who had to make a living in distant countries and how the swallows kept returning to their homeland. Randulina stands for the urge to fly away and the joy of returning home enriched.

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100% vegetable tanned VoVo leather
from wild red deer
hunted sustainably in Switzerland
handmade in Italy by Silvano Sassetti
delivered in an environment-friendly shoebox from MODEL
For a future beyond 2050

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