With pure vegetable tanned deer leather and fox fur from the Swiss wilderness, Vulp is one of the warmest gloves in the world. And one of the most beautiful. Put them on and feel good with a clear conscience.


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With Vulp, cold hands and wrists are a thing of the past, even in the high altitudes and freezing below -25°C. Our Estonian designer Piret Puppart has been inspired by the tradition of fur gloves from the 18th and 19th centuries. This includes the adjustable leather straps with collar button around the wrist and the neck strap with carabiners. You can quickly pull your hands out of the gloves thanks to the latter, and your fingers are free to… . For example, for the cup of spiced hot wine at the Christmas market, the children’s runny noses while sledging or the family photo in the winter forest.

At the heart of the mittens is a lining made from purely vegetable-tanned wild red fox fur (Vulpes vulpes), from sustainable Swiss hunting. The large fox population in Switzerland is hunted at a low level. However, most of these fox furs find no use and end up in the waste. We believe that it is better to use natural, sustainable furs from Switzerland, than artificial fur made based on crude oil or a tanuki from Chinese breeding. We only use fox fur from sustainable hunting without traps with legally anchored animal welfare requirements.

VULP Generation 1: Test with us
For our first glove we have tinkered and tested for a long time. Maybe it is not perfect yet, but in any case already a beautiful statement. Therefore we give a development discount of 20%, and want to know your opinion about our latest throw! Basically, Vulp works according to the double muff system: slip in to feel warm, slip out for fingertip feeling. The neck strap makes this quick and easy. The fur and deer leather make for a relatively thick glove shell and a voluminous lining. For activities that require fingertip feeling or a strong grip, you therefore simply slip out of the glove. Vulp is therefore not suitable for skiing but all the more for the walk in the winter forest.


  • fluffy-warm lining made of vegetable tanned Swiss fox fur (shorn)
  • adjustable leather straps with collar button around the wrist (adjustable with 3 holes)
  • neck ribbon made of cotton with small metal carabiners (color old brass)
  • fine stag beetle embossing on the leather loops of the carabiners

The gloves are made in a small, traditional, and gloves-specialized leather and fur goods manufactory in Estonia.

The pure vegetable tanned upper leather comes from wild Swiss red deer, as in all Cervo Volante shoes. It has been left natural with no surface treatment.

Due to the vegetable tanning process, our leather is slightly acidic, unlike conventionally chrome-tanned leather. This can cause green residue (verdigris) to form on the copper containing carabiners, especially under humid conditions. This residue can be easily removed with a rag or handkerchief.

The natural, shaved fur comes from the wild Swiss red fox. The high quality fur is 100% vegetable tanned in Switzerland, in the canton of Bern, without aluminum and without synthetic tanning agents.

The colours correspond to the natural coloration caused by the tanning with European oak.
Available for this model is: Oak Brown

Recycled silk paper and box made of 100% recycled cardboard as shipping box

*Vulp is the Rhaeto-Romanic name for the red fox. The scientific name for the red-haired wild dog, which comes from Latin, is Vulpes Vulpes. By the way, Christiane, the wife of Johann Wolfang Goethe, was called Vulpius before her marriage. If those aren’t poetic gloves….
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with lining from WILD RED Fox
from sustainable SWISS HUNTING
handmade in ESTONIA.
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Olive brown


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