FÜXIN – A Loden Parka with a hood

Multifunctional winter jackets from the wilderness in limited edition.
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Multifunctional winter jackets from the wilderness in limited edition available for preorders

Our classy winter jacket for ladies has a distinct style with raglan sleeve, relaxed fit, soft silhouette and roomy shape. A raglan sleeve is a sleeve that extends in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone. The style is named after Lord Raglan, who is said to have worn such a coat after the loss of his arm in the Battle of Waterloo. The Raglan sleeve was invented specifically for him to allow him greater freedom of movement.

Our winter jacket is not only beautiful, but also multifunctional. At its heart it has a sustainable fox fur that you can wear with a clear conscience. The reasons are explained by our biologist Conny Thiel-Egenter in her blog post.

The jacket is a winter dream during a comfortable walk in the frosty forest, a carriage ride in the snow, at the mulled wine stand at the Christmas market, at an elegant concert or a theatre visit. On the other hand, without the Gilet, the jacket is the ideal outwear for this time of year, when it feels the weather can’t decide what it wants to do next.

The Gilet can be worn separately, with the fur side outwards or inwards. The fur of the winter fox has a fluffy lower wolleit and is supple soft. With the buttoned in Gilet, the coat defies all weather-conditions – the coat isolates in such a way against cold in the winter and regulates the body temperature after a short sprint to the tram. Any “fake fur” made of plastic won’t be able to match this …


At the heart of our coat is the removable fur Gilet from the wild red fox, from sustainable Swiss hunting. We believe that it is better to have a natural fur from Switzerland than artificial fur from the crude oil industry or a raccoon dog from China. We only use fox fur from sustainable hunting with statutory animal welfare requirements that gently regulate the large Swiss fox population.

The high-quality fur has been tanned purely plant-based in Switzerland and processed into a multifunctional piece of clothing in Estonia. The removable gilet with micromodal lining can be worn double-sided: Discreet with black micromodal outside or with the beautiful fox fur side to the outside. The coat can also be worn without the Gilet.

All skins are 100% vegetable tanned in the canton of Berne, Switzerland, without chrome and any synthetic pre-tanning agents.

The outer shell of our coat is made of pure virgin sheep’s wool in dark blue. The Austrian traditional manufacturer Lodenwalker produces a soft, beautifully falling wool fabric with excellent properties: Its wool grease lanolin gives a natural water-repellent impregnation, the walking-process makes the fabric almost windproof and resistant. You can find more information here.

The fabric lining of the coat is made of black micromodal from Lenzing®, a fabric made of Austrian beech wood which is spun and woven in Italy. This very soft, silky material falls beautifully and smoothly, which guarantees a special wearing comfort.

Not only the fox fur gilet is a benchmark for upcycling, but also the buttons which are attached to our coat. They are made from the lower jaw bone of an Estonian elk. The elk are hunted and the bones are normally disposed of. The large buttons are drilled from the wide jawbone base, the smaller ones from the narrow areas. Each button is hand-coloured with plant extracts. The little that remains is processed into bone glue in the traditional way.

The jacket is available in the sizes S, M and L. The jacket has a loose cut that lets the fabric fall in a feminine way and ensures a slim figure. The length of the jacket in size S is 102 cm, the front is 14 cm shorter. The chest circumference is 55 cm. Thanks to the raglan cut the jacket fits women with wide or narrow shoulders and makes them look like fairies.

Cervo Volante Size European Size
S 34/36
M 38/40
L 42/44


Dark blue

Our winter coats are produced in a limited edition. As a first production only 30 ladies’ and 30 men’s jackets are produced. Every owner can be sure to be on the road with a very exclusive piece.

No Stock, no waste: The pre-sale for our winter coats lasts from Monday, 8 July to 31 July 2019. The coats can be ordered either in our online shop or in our shop at Neumarkt 24. The coats are produced in September and delivered to you in October.

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from sustainable SWISS HUNTING
handmade in ESTONIA and designed by PIRERT PUPPART

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S, M, L


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