Light, airy, wild: the ecological PRA deer leather espadrilles for women


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Airy, light and wild: the ecological PRA deer leather espadrilles for women.

Who thinks of Prada and Milan when they think of PRA*? We think of fragrant flower meadows and light and airy espadrilles. Our purist knickers made of oak-tanned Swiss deer leather are every bit as natural as their Mediterranean ancestors: Like the original espadrilles with braided esparto grass soles and linen fabric, the PRA is pure nature: made from one piece of oak-tanned Swiss deer leather without lining, undyed and with a leather sole. Thanks to chrome-free and purely vegetable tanning, PRA is the ideal barefoot slip-on, always fragrant and breathing with you. The velour inside of the leather is velvety soft on the foot and gives support to the heel. A fine, aquamarine-coloured reinforcement band on the inside of the upper is reminiscent of the colour of the sea and the Mediterranean espadrilles of yore. It remains discreetly hidden when worn. The wonderfully light PRA has a leather sole with anti-slip pads. Slip them on and hop off across soft meadows with the scent of wild thyme and beguiling carnation. For blossoming spring days, balmy summer evenings and golden autumn days.


Velvety-soft inside for comfortable barefoot walking and heel hold.
Fine aquamarine-coloured reinforcement band on the inner cuff, invisible when worn
The typical “V” design line of the upper end stands for CerVo Volante as well as for the mountains and valleys where the red deer lives.
Fine stag beetle embossing on the left heel.
Leather sole with anti-slip padding at the heel.

Handmade in a small Italian shoe manufactory in Tuscany.

The pure vegetable tanned leather comes from wild Swiss red deer. The espadrilles consist of only one leather layer, so they are unlined and therefore light and airy. The velour inside of the leather is softly roughened. It has been left natural without any surface treatment.

Oak brown. The colour corresponds to the natural colouring caused by the tanning with oak.

* When you think of PRA, you might naturally think of Prada, the Milanese fashion dynasty. We were inspired by Engadine flower meadows. Pra, like Prada, means meadow in the Romansh language. And our airy Prada knickers are as soft to walk on as a meadow. Add to that the scent of wild thyme, sweet apple rose and beguiling carnation, and you’ll soon forget all about Milan…

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from sustainable SWISS HUNTING
handmade in ITALY
wrapped in recycled tissue paper in a smart SHOE BAG made from recycled cardboard.

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Black, Velours Oak


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