Gratisversand ab CHF 250 in der Schweiz | Mehr Infos hier

Track your deer

The story of your Plywood Chair begins in Sent in the Canton of Grisons. Here, a wild red deer made its tracks in a wild valley. A small game butchery collected the deer hide and delivered it to the tannery Graber in Huttwil in the canton of Bern. On your Plywood Chair you sit on one of the most sustainable leathers in the world from Switzerland: purely vegetable tanned with oak, without heavy metals, without chemical pre-tanning, without synthetic dyes. Wild beauty from nature.

LCW Special_1An iconic chair
LCW Special_1An iconic chair

Leather certificate

  • Origin: wild fur from Swiss red deer from sustainable hunting.
  • Tanning: 100% vegetable tanning with Valonea oak from the Mediterranean region. Heavy metal free, without synthetic tanning agents
  • Tannery: Vegetable tannery Graber, Canton Bern, Switzerland
  • Dyeing, surface treatment: 100% natural deerskin without color pigments and without coating.
  • Characteristics: Scars and scratches testify to the wild life of the red deer and are signs of the authenticity of deer leather.
  • Care: Cleaning with cotton cloth and warm water. Leather care oil as needed.
  • Producer: Cervo Volante

About Cervo Volante

We founded Cervo Volante in 2017 to bring to the market what we couldn’t find ourselves: Sustainable leather shoe classics and everyday companions with the smallest ecological footprint. We – that is Kadri, Conny, Piret and Marc. We come from the worlds of business, biology, design and creativity and we are united by a heart for nature, for beauty and meaning, for the unadorned and honest.

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