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Fashion trends come and go, which is why the Grison-based brand Muntagnard focuses on top quality, timeless designs and permanent collections. The products are developed and designed in Switzerland and, depending on the product, produced in Switzerland and nearby European countries. The company has already made international headlines with T-shirts made from wood, coats made from Swiss sheep’s wool and functional clothing made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. In addition to the rigorous sustainability approach, the garments are characterized above all by their incomparable materials and their feel.

As with the choice of materials, Muntagnard is also very careful when selecting its cooperation partners. Muntagnard uses high-quality leather from Cervo Volante for labels and details for jackets and coats. The decision was made due to the authentic and profound sustainability story, which fits seamlessly into Muntagnard’s vision for sustainable and first-class fashion.

For Muntagnard, quality is paramount and this is evident not only in its products but also in its partnerships. The collaboration with Cervo Volante underlines their commitment to using high-quality materials without compromising on their comprehensive sustainability philosophy.

“We develop high-quality products for all those who want to wear sustainable clothing without compromising on comfort, style and quality.”

Dario Pirovino, CEO Muntagnard

Muntagnard and Cervo Volante share the belief that sustainability is key in the fashion industry and that quality, style and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. This collaboration allows both brands to reinforce their values while offering consumers products that are not only stylish and comfortable, but also ethically and environmentally responsible.

This partnership between Muntagnard and Cervo Volante is an example of how brands can work together to steer the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future. Through their joint efforts, they show that quality and sustainability do not require compromise – they complement each other perfectly, creating a win-win situation for the environment and consumers.

Since May 6, 2023, Muntagnard has been operating its first own brand store in Chur, where customers can experience the brand world and products in a cozy and understatedly elegant atmosphere in Chur’s old town.

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