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Consciously wild.
Sustainable deer leather shoes
and accessories
from Switzerland.

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Consciously wild.
Sustainable deer leather shoes and accessories from Switzerland.

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Cervo Volante – Perfected imperfection

Excitingly imperfect, lastingly beautiful and deliberately wild: Cervo Volante transforms hides from red deer hunting that are otherwise disposed of into unique leather products.

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About Cervo Volante

We founded Cervo Volante in 2017 to bring to market what we had not found ourselves: Sustainable leather shoe classics and everyday companions with the smallest ecological footprint. We - that's Kadri, Conny, Piret and Marc. We come from the worlds of business, biology, design and creativity, and we are united by a heart for nature, for beauty and meaning, for the unadorned and the honest.

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Sustainability is at the heart of Cervo Volante.

We at Cervo Volante love nature and want our children to find nature as intact and beautiful as we do. We have brought the most sustainable leather in the world to the market: handmade purely with European acorn fruits in a traditional Bernese tannery, without heavy metals, without chemical pre-tanning, without synthetic dyes, without top layer treatment, breathable and allergy-free. In the selection of the other product components as well as in the design, we follow the principle reduce, recycle, replace. All components are carefully selected or newly developed according to ecological criteria.

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Women power: We do leather differently.

Cervo Volante deer leather has its origins in nature and in Switzerland. Every year, over 15,000 wild red deer are shot to regulate the population. The deer meat is used, but the skin is disposed of. Cervo Volante saves these valuable by-products from incineration to produce natural, vegetable-tanned leather, shoes and accessories.

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Every step in the production of a piece of Cervo Volante leather is traceable. Each hide has an identification of the butchery that collected the hide. The subsequent tanning processes are documented by batch numbers.

Features of the Cervo Volante leather

The skin of wild red deer is often marked with characteristic features due to their natural living conditions. These are created in the course of life by wounds during rutting fights, scratch wounds from thorns, insect bites and at the end of life by the shot hole and the transfer of the animal from a wild valley or mountain to the butcher’s shop. The surfaces of Cervo Volante’s leather hides are untreated and natural. They are therefore chemical-free, breathable and hypoallergenic.

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Stories of meaningfulness and wild beauty

Gru: The lucky bird which gave its name to Cervo`s travel bag
Migratory birds and long distance travelers It’s the time of the desire to roam or so called wanderlust. In the fall, as the warm season slowly draws to a close,…
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Oris launches Big Crown X Cervo Volante
The Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante watch and the collaboration between the two Swiss brands Oris and Cervo Volante is an expression of the Change for the Better campaign of the Swiss watch company Oris.
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Deer on the Chair: VITRA & CERVO VOLANTE present Plywood Group LCW in wild Swiss Deer Leather
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Deer leather backpack «TURA» – Setting off on new tours
Get going, climb up, stretch towards the sky and enjoy freedom again. The wild and sustainably beautiful TURA deerskin backpack gives you courage for new tours.
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Life Stories from the Mountains – Cervo Volante in the Alpine Art House
In March 2021, the exhibition "101 × Woman. Life Stories from the Mountains” opened in Flims. A mountain of stacked boxes stretches over three floors of the Yellow House. On their mountain tour through the house, visitors discover 101 portrayed women who are connected to the mountains in different ways and in different professions and vocations.
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H2O – Hope for Organisms and Habitats
With man's stranglehold on nature, a period that some call the Anthropocene, the fresh water cycle is being severely threatened. In the first place, a large part is being used for agricultural purposes, be it for livestock farming or the ever more intensive fodder cultivation. The industrial sector is also very water-demanding, either as a raw material, solvent, hydroelectric source or coolant.
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