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GOD GRISCH isn´t a name you hear every day. The name of our hiking boots – Cervo Volante signature design – has to sound special. God Grisch is a forest in the Swiss Alps where our wild red deer leather comes from. Full-leather hiking boots are an item of your wardrobe to be worn all the year round, especially if made of the purest leather processed in the most environment-friendly and sustainable manner. This model is made in Italy in a village near Ancona, a district well-known for its traditional shoemaker guilds. Inspired by military classics, it is hand-finished with a slightly squared toe and high lace-ups. The innovative flex of the sole provides unpredictable comfort. A look inside reveals the signature motive embossed on the insole – delivering a message that we care most about that what lies beneath the surface.

The classic shape and masculine heel make this model as versatile as ever: from being practical for cold winter weather up to adding a special touch to skirts or even romantic dresses.

* The beautiful alpine forest of GOD GRISCH lays by the geographic boundary between the upper and the lower Engadin. The local rhaeto-romanic word GOD GRISCH means grey forest. Obviously, the forest has got its name from old larch trees, draped with grey lichen.


Leather sole with an almost invisible anti-slip crepe-sole of natural caoutchouc (as in VAL VERDA). Don’t forget to take good and regular care of your boots and let them dry after a walk in the forest. Keep in mind that GOD GRISCH is actually not a REAL hiking boot….

Shoe colour depends on the vegetable tanning agents. For this model you can choose between the following colours (if available):



Brown (tanned with VALONEA OAK)

100% vegetable tanned VoVo leather
from wild red deer
hunted sustainably in Switzerland
handmade in Italy by Silvano Sassetti
delivered in an environment-friendly shoebox from MODEL

For a future beyond 2050

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